DJ has worked with the community to develop policies that are important to Daviess County residents.

Providing for Our Safety and Security

DJ Johnson has worked with local and state law enforcement agencies to ensure that local first responders are adequately equipped to take on the modern problems facing our community. While working in Frankfort, DJ was instrumental in getting new communications systems, weapons, and personal protection equipment for our local law enforcers, and is currently working with local officials to gain new funding to combat our continuing Opioid and Methamphetamine crises.

Lowering Our Prescription Costs

DJ voted to put a price-cap on insulin in the state of Kentucky which has reduced the monthly cost for those suffering from diabetes by hundreds of dollars.  

Kentuckians have the 2nd highest annual prescription drug cost in the United States. DJ Johnson is working closely with the Cabinet for Health and Family Services to pass a common-sense prescription drug cost reduction plan to dissuade pharmaceutical manufacturers and pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) from profiting excessively off of the life-saving medications that our communities need. Increased prescription costs disproportionately affect the elderly in our communities, many of which live on a fixed income. There is still work to be done and DJ will stop this trend, and provide relief to thousands of Kentucky households.

Protecting Our Children

DJ Johnson’s work has paid off with abortions now being illegal in Kentucky, DJ will go a step further by expanding our Foster Care programs to ensure that children within the system are placed within more family-oriented settings and expand foster parent reimbursement options based on age to offset the struggle of placing older children within a caring home.

DJ sponsored legislation that created a second family court judge.

Additionally, DJ will continue the important work of streamlining our foster care and adoption processes to match at-risk children with worthy parents as quickly as possible and eliminate barriers between suitable parents and children needing to be adopted.

Educating Our Future Generations

Creating a better Daviess County starts with providing a quality education for our children, teens, and young adults. DJ Johnson has always believed that the best way for our children to succeed in life is to help them discover what they love to do, and then help them do it. That is why DJ voted to increase funding to our local public schools in 2021. This increase of funding is the equivalent of giving every teacher a 10% raise.

DJ supports all options that provide the best education possible for our children, including our primary education schools, the Owensboro Community and Technical College, Brescia University and Kentucky Wesleyan College, and programs provided by our regional and state universities. Not every student is the same, and we must provide the broadest variety of career options possible. DJ especially applauds the combined efforts of Owensboro Public Schools that created the Owensboro Innovation Academy. At the end of the day, parents and students should have a choice in their education and DJ will work to provide students with the best educational opportunities.

DJ had a major hand in bringing a new state-of-the-art medical workforce training facility that was recently announced for Daviess County. This facility will provide educational opportunities for our students, and be a job generator for our community.

Growing Our Economy

Our area is growing fast, and we need to expand our citizens' career opportunities and nurture our environment to be as business-friendly as possible. DJ Johnson has been an Economic Champion of Daviess County and works closely with the Kentucky Cabinet of Economic Development, the Greater Owensboro Economic Development Corporation, the Owensboro Tourism Commission, the Greater Owensboro Chamber of Commerce, and local municipalities to generate unique incentives to negotiate better deals with companies who have an interest in moving into the Daviess County area.

Providing Leading-edge Medical Options

DJ Johnson is the first candidate from house district 13 to be in favor of a responsible medical cannabis bill to provide much-needed relief to individuals suffering from chronic debilitating illnesses and disorders in the Commonwealth. Clinical trials have proven the effectiveness of THC against many ailments plaguing our men, women, and especially children who have had to uproot their lives and relocate in order to obtain treatment. DJ has worked closely with the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, the Food and Drug Administration, and local law enforcement agencies to provide the best legal medical care for our citizens.

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